A holiday camp for dogs.

dog looks out van window

We want your pet to be safe, happy and have a positive experience at Southpaws. Dogs are free to run and play, spending valuable time interacting with other dogs in a carefully monitored and safe environment, and fed a varied and healthy diet. The individual kennels are included in a run area of approx. 2 x 3 metres that then can be opened onto a large common area for the day’s playtime. The beds are all plastic baskets with dry and fluffy blankets for warmth and comfort up off the concrete.

Dogs are let out of their kennels around 6am and are not usually back in them until around 6:30pm in the summer, although they have access in and out all day. Fresh water is always in each kennel run and play areas.

Important note:

At Southpaws, we let dogs be dogs! We run them in packs of similar size, breed, nature and ages. While we are careful to oversee introductions and maintain a careful watch, it is possible that accidents can occur with the occasional snap at one another or tumble while playing. In case of injury, we have a vet 5 minutes away if needed. Such incidents are very uncommon, but if your dog is not well socialised let us know so we can arrange separate quarters for them.

See Terms and Conditions for more details.

If they require medication, simply let our staff know either when making a booking or dropping your pet off.

Please note: If you do not bring a fully up to date vaccination booklet with your animal when checking them in, we will not be able to accept them. This is for the safety of all our boarders.