A holiday camp for dogs and cats.


dog looks out van window

We want your pet to be safe, happy and have a positive experience at Southpaws. Dogs are free to run and play, they are taken on walks and fed a varied and healthy diet. Most of the kennels are included in a run area of approx. 2 x 3 metres that then open onto a large running area. The beds are almost all plastic baskets with dry bed inners for warmth and comfort up off the concrete.

Dogs are let out of their kennels around 6am and are not usually back in them until around 7pm in the summer, although they have access in and out all day. Daily farm walks are included with the package. Fresh water is always in each kennel run and play areas.

Important note:
At Southpaws we let dogs be dogs! We run them in packs of similar size, breed, nature and ages. When they are sorting out their rank in the pack there are the odd snaps at each other. In case of injury, we have a vet 5 minutes away if needed. Such incidents are very uncommon but if your dog is not well socialised let us know so we can arrange separate quarters for them.

We feed a mixture of:

  • Chicken mince cooked with rice and garlic (nature’s natural wormer)
  • Dog roll
  • Biscuits
  • Power patties (fresh meat from Jimbos)
  • Brisket bones
  • Raw chicken frames

If you prefer to bring your own dogs regular food or any medication for us to administer that is fine.


At Southpaws our cattery is a brand new building and outdoor run area, purpose built in 2013. The building is 9 x 6 m with an attached exterior run of 5 x 5 m. It is directly behind our house and we are in and out of here several times a day.

We have a maximum limit of 20 cats at any time.

We run a communal facility which means the cats get to choose where and when they eat and sleep. They are penned only for a few hours when they first arrive, their door is then opened and they come out when they are ready. There are lots of igloos, baskets, hammocks, shelves and other hiding places for your cat to claim as theirs while they are on their holiday.

We provide multiple feeding areas, and use an assortment of mixed dry biscuits, tinned meat and fresh meat. Fresh water is always available and changed daily.

We have two individual cages 1.2 x1.2 x 2.4m that can be booked for cats that need a special diet or that require limited movement due to age or for medical reasons. If a cat is not coping with the communal area then we will put them in one of these cages to prevent them becoming stressed. Please discuss your cat’s individual requirements if necessary.

A Feliway diffuser is run over the busy periods to help alleviate stress.